If you want to find out about Kiyah Wright, you aren’t actually in the right place. This isn’t actually about her but we can tell you that she is an award-winning hair stylist in Los Angeles. So, if you look for her website, you will probably find it quite easily.

What this page is about is a probablem which Kiyah has probably never faced in California but would face if she lived in Australia. The problem we are talking about is the lack of avaiability of makeup for dark skin. While in America you can walk into any chemist and have a variety of products to choose from for pretty much any skin tone, Australia is badly underserviced on the darker end of the palette of shades.

Imagine you were looking for makeup for dark skin tones in Hobart. Do you think you would find anything? Most likely not! How about looking for makeup for dark skin tones in Adelaide? You most likely would not fare a whole lot better.

But, fear not, things are improving. The market for these products is growing and availibilty is improving as a result. You no longer have to order from overseas but can get makeup for dark skin tones right here in Australia now!


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