Australia doesn’t have a whole lot of female celebrities who have a dark skin tones. There are women like Marcia Hines or Jessica Mauboy but the typical Australian female celebrity has pretty light skin.

So, if you were to look for a makeup brand which an Australian celebrity is swearing by, there is a good chance that it might be a brand which doesn’t even offer darker tones.

Don’t believe me? Have a look at this list of Australian Instragram influencers in the beauty space. The skin tones are all on a rather narrow (and light) range. Where are all the beautiful ladies whose skin is darker? Aren’t there plenty of them? Walk around an Australian city and you will see a lot of women whose skin is much darker than any of those influencers’. There are Indian, African, Sri Lankan, Bangladeshi, Pakistani, Melanesian and Filipino (to name just a few) women whose skin tones are much darker than that of an Anglo or even a Mediterranean heritage.

Now, having said all that it isn’t hard to understand that what follows from this is that that “invisible” market is badly underserved. Check out these two videos to hear what it is like for a woman with darker skin in Australia who is looking for makeup that suits her skin tone.

Granted these videos weren’t published recently. But, has the situation improved? Not much. If you look around you will find shops that have a small range and possibly charge a lot of money for it. You will also find something online but what you know how to find it?

Let’s spread more awareness in Australia!


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