A lot of people who are chasing miracle skincare have not even realised how much of a luxury problem they are trying to solve. It is not about general availability of good skincare products but about that elusive miracle cream that does it all and is a bargain at the same time.

Sometimes, the miracle is in the availability itself. So, instead of giving you a long list of the latest fad in skincare, why not talk about blushes for dark skin tones, particularly those available in Australia?

While there are many more brands which cater to dark skin tones in this space, here is a list of honourable mentions of brands which cater to this market well:

  • Karity
  • NYX
  • L.A. Girl
  • Maybelline

Again, there are certainly many more brands and kudos to anyone who actually caters to that market of people with darker skin tones. In many countries, the availability of these products leaves a lot to wish for. Unfortunately, Australia is no exception.

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