You probably wonder who Barney Martin is. We can’t really tell you but we assume that you will find him on your favourite search engine if you search for his business in Surry Hills (NSW).

What we are all about is what is behind all artists to some degree: great products. He seems to be a hair stylist, so probably he won’t be looking for makeup for dark skin tones in Sydney even though that is something we are passionate about. We could even help him out if he was looking for makeup for dark skin tones in Perth as well.

Anyway, as mentioned above, behind every artist are great products. Most people take these products for granted but if you have a darker skin than the average Australian, you will have suffered through the pain of finding suitable makeup. You may be able to get really expensive product but there is nothing for everyday use and even the highend brands are more expensive than they should be.

But, times are changing! Skin colour in Australia is becoming more diverse and the market for products that fit darker skin tones in growing. Good news for all those with darker complexions!