Rae and Sarah love thinking of applying makeup as an event. It’s no secret that foundation for dark skin tones is a difficult find in Australia. It’s not that they don’t exist, it is just that the range is so small and they are only found in a few select stores. Most people with dark skin are forced to purchase expensive foundations from expensive stores. They do not have the option of just going to the corner store chemist and picking up a foundation a drug store brand foundation for a fraction of the cost. In fact, when one steps into the chemists, all that can be seen is foundation in a variety of shades for light skin – nothing can be seen for dark skin.

Australia is becoming more and more diverse – the population of dark-skinned individuals is increasing more and more. For example, the Indian population is certainly increasing as is the African population. Also, we have populations from Southeast Asia who would also benefit from these dark foundation shades. Shouldn’t the makeup that is available in the corner store chemists reflect that? There is definitely a market for it. If the chemists started stocking foundations for dark skin, it would sell out immediately. So why is there so much resistance to have at least a small stock of foundations for dark skin in the chemists? It is quite the mystery.