// Peter Thomsen travels the world as an Australian L’Oreal ambassador, always looking for ways to evolve his craft he finds new inspiration and techniques from many places to incorporate into his salon bustling salon Chelsea Haircutters.
Peter spends his days creating signature looks #MRTHOMSEN hand painted to perfection, always met with an outpouring of
Instagram love.

It's easy to see why people take the 40 minute trip south of Sydney to see him. We had the pleasure to speak with Peter and found him to be as down to earth and passionate as he is talented. Industry education and support for other artists is something we share in common and look forward to what 2017 has planned for Peter. 

// How did you get your start in the industry?
I was looking for an apprenticeship everywhere there weren't many jobs going so I pretty much worked for free for almost a year just for the experience knowing that my future would be strong I was only 16 and living at home then  and finally  found myself a apprenticeship and never left the industry ever since 

// Do you have a signature look or style that you are known for?
My signature look evolved over time I would say it would be luxury hair big soft movement with colour that contours and blends beautifully with skin tones it's all about balance suitability and definitely on the sexy side a confident woman that's comfortable with her hair  #MRTHOMSEN           

// What have been the most exciting moments of your career?
It's always when I have a sense of achievement when you step outside your comfort zone and learning new things I also remember travelling to Paris by myself learning alongside and amazing colourist that was extremely exciting and the energy of backstage work but now for me it's a very exciting time getting expose globally, being recognised for my signature looks, pushing my education and learning from others while sharing my knowledge.      

// What do you love about being a colourist?
I create all my images through cutting  texture and colour I like creating whole image, my colour work has been quite strong a lot of free hand painting creating a more lived in colour. It's like you're a true artist creating the shadow. Having at blank canvas and creating your own painting individualising  and light it's really exciting it's like             

// Who are the role models who have inspired you?
It changers there are so many amazing people out there you know there are some incredible Australian artists eg Darren Borthwick the artist I love a commercial but beautiful hair there are so many Frederic Fekkai, Garren, Harry Josh, Wendy Iles to name a few so many out there

// What was one of your biggest career challenges and how did you overcome it?
For me confidence believing in myself my confidence grew through knowledge and working hard I can be very hard on myself sometimes I think I can do better no matter  how good people say it maybe but the older I'm getting I'm starting to believe in myself a lot more  my signature looks has become a big part of me and has created confidence in Who I am as a stylist and colourist  

// If you could cut or colour anyone's hair, who would it be and why?
I would love to cut Gigi Hadid - Who wouldn't?!

// If you had not made the decision to be a colourist, what career do you think you would have pursued?
I love the arts film and I have a big love for architecture.    

// Must have tool or products  for your kit?
I need my bone comb - cannot live without it .... well I could if I had two . . .

// Top 3 Instagram accounts?
@behindthechair I love how they get behind the industry globally and look at individual artists and give them exposure and the exposure is incredible very supportive to our industry @jedroot I love the imagery for inspiration and @image_ amplified I love the strength in the photography and there is so much more especially all you Australian headdresses out there I find motivation every day.

// What do you enjoy to do when the brushes are down?
Well there is nothing like a good boutique hotel, lying at the pool chilling out with the kids walk along the beach just enjoying nature and the people I love around me.

// What advice would you give artists starting out?
if it's really your passion take as many opportunities to learn and grow from people you admire never give up following your dream there is the hard times but Beyond that the good times follow stay committed and follow what feels right grow and always have a mindset to learn from others and be adaptable to change              

// Ultimate dinner party guests?
The past few months have been crazy for me so I would have to say my family but we could throw in Tom Ford for style and Dawn French for some British humour and I need a blonde so Debra Harry and Big bird for the kids ha mix it up I say.

The world is full of wonderful people and birds.





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