Holiday season is all about bonding with your family and relaxing, but it’s a great opportunity to dress up as well. Just imagine all the excuses you’re going to have to wear your best clothes, put some makeup and style your hair fabulously. From Christmas office parties to family lunches to New Year’s Eve – you better make sure you look the best you can and here’s how.

Plush is one of this season’s top trending fabrics, so you can find it everywhere – from high street to high-end stores. What’s even better, it matches perfectly with holiday season theme because it’s so soft yet it shines bright like a diamond. Opt for a casual plush princess dress in a dark shade of red, purple or green and finish off the look with a choker to get that ‘90s vibe that has been trending for a while. As for the hair, think casual beach waves styled with a high-quality Wella styling mousse. It’s the festive season, so strong makeup is okay most of the time. This look, for example, requires large lashes. BTL loves Smoke and Mirrors Lashes and vampy dark lips to be perfect. Try Nars Velvet Lip pencil in Train Bleu

It’s the holiday season, so glitter, sequins, and everything shiny are a bare necessity. It is quite literary a time to shine, so don’t be afraid to channel your inner glitter-addict and pull off your fabulous sequins dress. You choose the length – anything from long gowns to mini dresses will work as long as you keep it minimal in the head sector. Think vintage curls or low bun, like the one Lea Seydoux manages to pull off all the time and you’ll be fine. Makeup should be minimalistic as well – mascara, eyeliner, and a nude lipstick are all you need to look fabulous wherever you go. BTL's pick Charlotte Tilbury Nude lipstick

Women often struggle when it comes to picking out the outfit for an office Christmas party – it’s not that easy to find that fine line between being overdressed and underdressed. If it’s happening during work hours, then you need to make it look office friendly but not boring. We recommend tucking a plaid shirt into a simple grey skirt and finishing off with a statement necklace. Tie your hair to make it casual yet chic. Keep your makeup to a minimum but then you have to make sure your skin looks fabulous. Invest in high-quality products such as Alpha H skincare and you won’t even need much makeup during the day.

Holidays are for wearing cosy sweaters and they can look quite fabulous if you style them properly. For instance, if you want to look chic, wear a sweater with a pair of black leather pants or skinny jeans and add a pair of killer heels to turn it into a perfect day-to-night outfit. As for the hair, look up to Alexa Chung and part your bangs while the rest of your hair is in tousled waves. Hairstyling experts suggest using Oribe wave spray and hairspray to make it long-lasting. You don’t need much makeup to complete this look – NARS audacious red lipstick and bare-looking eyes will look simple yet stylish enough to make the heads turn.

The festive season is here, so make sure you’re ready for it. Take good care of your hair and skin, bring out your best clothes and you’ll be ready to shine. Happy holidays and may all your looks be right on point!





Digital Thump, Sydney