// Winky Lux launched in October exclusively for the  online shopper and social media junkie.Creators Natalie Mackay is a 31 year old fashion industry veteran who wanted to disrupt the beauty business by cutting out luxury retailers and passing the savings onto the customer. Nathan Newman is an e-commerce expert who designed a program to speed up the time it takes to get products from idea to consumer, with such positive reception at this year's BeautyCon event in New York it's clear that Winky Lux is on the path to great success.The collection consists of nine product categories including lipsticks, glosses, eye palettes, complexion powder, contour powder, brow sculpting, blush, illuminator, and cream eye shadows. Winky Lux designs were inspired by Artist Damien Hirst's 'Pill' Collection. The lip velours come in metallic packaging, resembling a pill capsule and is packages in a floral box. Each lip colour has its very own #hashtag (I.e. #WL____ insert lip colour- #WLmeow) so you can see mood boards on social media on how to wear the colour. You are encouraged to tag and hashtag their looks to contribute to the Winky Lux community.We are loving the Matte Velour lipsticks.
Visit the website winlylux.com to check out the range and find out what this brand is doing next.
My pic of lip colours are Sweet Pea, Dirty Love, Bloom Moon and City would be my pick .. (This Week)

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