We go behind the Scenes with Sydney based Hairdresser Jayde Turner-Ledwidgeis for a look she created for Samantha Jade for her X Factor performance of "Shake That".  Jade gave Sammi a slight bee-hive pony to create a sexy flirty look.

Jayde  divides her week between editorial photoshoots, advertising campaigns, television shows and runways, she uses EdwardsAndCo Sydney as her base to tend to her clientele.
her portfolio includes Fashion Week, publications
including Oyster, KAREN and Culture,
Television Commercials and Productions
such as Trinny and Susannah, X-Factor,
Events, Music Videoclips and more..


Samantha Jade - Xfactor Sexy Ponytail

Step 1- separate her fringe and fluffy pieces we wanted to come out of the sides.

Step 2- Spray the whole head evenly with EVO workers paradise.. Starting from the bottom, until the top.. making sure every section has the same amount of spray as the last. Brush through with a Mason and pearson so there are no sticky bit.

Step 3-Hot tong every section vertically with a large tong changing directions each section and leaving the ends out.

Step 4- Top section (Basically the beehive section) Tong all going backwards, and then cleanly section it out of way.

Step 5- Use dust at the root around the temples and nape and slightly tease those areas, then brush all the hair up into a ponytail that sits directly in the middle of the crown and the top. Secure with some hat elastic (Spotlight) with a double tie.

Step 5- Still leaving the fringe out, dust the roots of the entire top section and tease the hair, more closer to the ponytail and then less as you get closer to the fringe. Then brush with mason and pearson and use your YS park tail comb end to create the perfect shape and height that covers the ponytail section underneath but still makes the beehive look seamless and connected. Then hat elastic that section on top of the last ponytail and double tie.

Step 5- Spray EVO root canal into the roots of the fringe and a little evenly through the ends, being careful not to wet any part of the ponytail.. Comb it forward and start drying off all forward... when its 85% dry use a medium bristle brush and blow-dry the perfect 60's fringe in. When dry use dry shampoo and let it fall how it wants too, it needs to look beautiful undone and fluffy. For Sammi it also needs to flick around while peforming so not sprayed.

Step 6- Dust the hair closest to the ponytail in small sections and tease really tight as close to the elastic as possible. Then brush it so it doesn't look teased and spray with Oribe Dry texturizing spray.

Step 7- clean the sides and nape up with some Fudge membrane gas, its very strong but will keep it super neat where you need it to be. 

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