// There's a growing trend for bigger lips.

If you've ever mulled over non-surgical lip enhancements your best to know about the procedure in more detail and what you should be expecting.

Our resident cosmetic expert, Dr Neal Hamilton -Director of Concept Cosmetic Medicine in Sydney.

Everyday people who feel their lips are a little on the thin side find a lip augmentation to be a relatively inexpensive way to increase the fullness of their lips, reduce fine lines and wrinkles,and boost confidence. Most people agree that beautiful, voluptuous, kissable, full lips are nice!

Some clients , though do insist on a heavier treatment. This itself can push the price of the treatment up due to the extre volume of filler required, the higher the treatment cost.

How Does It Work
Hyaluronic acids are naturally occurring sugars that all   members of the  animal kingdom possess.
They have the ability to hold many times their own weight in water and when injected into the lips plumps them

Fantastic to shockingly ridiculous if done badly
NB they are quickly reversible if necessary.

Fine needle with or without local anaesthetic prior
NB the hyaluronic acids have local anaesthetic mixed in them most normally

How long it takes
15 min to 30 min

Typically "beestung" swollen that night .
Fine the next morning to function/work with some minor residual swelling for around a week

Average cost
Depending on result


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