Rationale Skin Care has (without exaggeration) become a world leader in dermatological care.

// Skin care is not a “one size fits all” process, there are many variables which go into obtaining a successful formula for your skin. Rationale is an Australian company born and bred producing some of the best skin products globally.

Rationale’s rare insight into the harsh Australian conditions, which take their toll on us day-to-day give them a clear advantage to the majority of products you’ll find locally.

Richard Packer started Rationale out of his own desperation to find skin care for his own sensitive skin. At the age of 25 Richard found a combination of hereditary poor skin genes and outdoor activities took were taking their toll on Richard’s appearance, through his own quest for better skin he educated himself and developed the Rationale Skin Care range.

It’s a great Aussie success story which we always love to hear. Richard is very passionate, if not obsessed in finding the right prescription for anyone wanting to improve the appearance of their skin. 

// About the Brand
What is it that makes Rationale different?
80% of facial ageing is caused by the sun. Rationale leads the world in our understanding of how to prevent and rejuvenate sun damaged skin. The Rationale Essential Six represents everything dermatologists agree you need to have luminous skin for a lifetime. 

// You talk about Isotropic Technology, can you talk us through what this means? 
Rationale has pioneered the use of Isotropic Technology in medical skincare. Isotropic Formulations contain all of the skin identical proteins, lipids, vitamins and minerals found naturally in the skin. This ensures that the formulation is in perfect harmony with the skin, delivering active ingredients to precise targets to achieve optimal skin health and radiance. 

// You don't use petrochemical based products, why?
Petrochemicals such as mineral oil are not recognised by the skin. Rationale uses bio-identical (Isotropic) skin lipids such as ceramides and essential fatty acids to protect, hydrate and repair sun damaged skin. 

What does the sun and UV rays do to the skin and what can we do to give our skin a boost? Do you have an SPF range and does it block the entire UV spectrum? 
Sunlight is made up of approximately 50% Visible Light, 43% Infrared and only 7% UV. Research over the past 100 years has focused primarily on the biological effects of ultraviolet radiation, particularly in terms of skin cancer. New studies are revealing that Visible Light (VL) and Infrared (IR) also play a part in sun damage, especially in conditions such as melasma (pigmentation) and rosacea. This will most certainly be an area of massive interest and concern in the very near future.  Rationale’s Superfluid Sunscreens are unique in that they protect not only from UV, but also from VL and Infrared, making them ideal for people with these types of sensitive skin conditions. 

// Is Rationale able to target Pigmentation to help reduce and repair the skin? How is this done?
Pigmentation in young women (melasma) is caused by the combined effects of hormones and the entire solar spectrum including UV, Visible Light and Infrared radiation. The Rationale Essential Six targets this condition by preventing and reversing the sun damage component of melasma, and “reprogramming” the skin to produce normal levels of melanin (skin pigment). 

// Do you have a men's range? Can men use the essential 6 range? 
Sun damage and our daily need for sun protection is very much the same for men and women, so the Rationale Essential Six works equally well for both sexes.

// What are the Essential Six products and how should we use them? 
The cornerstone of the Rationale range is our Essential Six; a proven medical skincare regime comprising optimal levels of the essential vitamins, minerals and botanicals that Dermatologists agree skin needs for maximum vitality and luminosity. Formulated using our revolutionary ISOTROPIC technology, these skin-identical formulas work synergistically to deliver the perfect combination of active ingredients at the correct concentration to achieve unprecedented results.

You’ll need three products in the morning for complete protection and three at night for optimal repair. It’s sensational skin in just six steps. For all skin types.

Here’s the threefold daily protection.

Daytime radiance starts with an immune booster to restore luminosity and target pigmentation. Follow with a potent combination of antioxidant Vitamins A, C + E to firm and refine. Finish with a super hydrating SPF15 day cream starring skin nutrient Zinc and light activated rejuvenation.

Step 1 - Niacinamide Serum
Immunologist conveys skin clarity and calmness.
Vitamin B3 boosts the skin’s immune responses and targets pigmentation, while Leukocyte extract, Adenosine Triphosphate and Amino Acids provide a vital source of cellular energy, optimising intercellular communication and reinforcing barrier function.

Step 2 - Rejuvenating Serum
Super Antioxidant ACE rejuvenates, re-firms and reactivates luminosity with bio-compatible Vitamins A, C + E. Lycopene and Ubiquinone deliver powerful antioxidant protection while skin identical Triglycerides naturally replenish the intercellular
lipids responsible for skin hydration and radiance.

Step 3 - Light Activated Day Cream SPF15
PhotoDynamic Light Activated Day Cream SPF15 harnesses the power of sunlight to generate a rejuvenating laser-like field deep in the skin, renewing firmness and definition. Skin nutrients Zinc, Betacarotene and Vitamin D precursors are UV activated, while microcrystalline light diffusing particles deliver an immediate skin-perfecting luminosity.
Threefold night repair.

Overnight perfection begins with the gentlest cleanser to replenish and purify. Follow with a botanical cocktail of organic acids and amino acids to repair, refine and reactivate vital skin enzymes. Finish with three potent forms of Vitamin A to target cellular DNA, in a nourishing lipid-rich crème for optimal overnight rejuvenation and repair.

Step 4 - Preparatory Cleanser
ProCeramide Emulsion inundates the skin with a cascade of nourishing lipids, boosting hydration and firmness. Infused with powerful Antioxidants, botanical cleansers and nourishing Ceramides, ProCeramide Emulsion replenishes the skin’s intercellular lipids as it gently cleanses away surface impurities and make-up.

Step 5 - Skin Refining Serum

Catalyst reactivates vital youth enzymes through recalibration of the skin’s pH, enhancing radiance, firmness, hydration and clarity. Skin looks and feels immediately resurfaced, clear and luminous.

Step 6 - Night Cream

DNA Reactivating Night Cream powered by a triple Vitamin A Complex and DNA Repair Enzymes for overnight nourishment and repair. Retinol, Retinyl Palmitate and Retinaldehyde work synergistically with DNA Repair Enzymes to target DNA damage and nurture cellular regeneration processes.

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