// Before embarking on your journey to luminous skin, Rationale recommends taking part in a professional consultation where a Skin Consultant will assess your skin to best prescribe the Rationale products most suitable for you. The 60-minute skin consultation involves a thorough review of your skin, product use history and lifestyle. First your face is gently yet thoroughly cleansed, then examined under magnification.

UV imaging is also used to analyse the condition of your skin at a deeper level, profiling its vascularity, texture and hydration, pigmentation and bacterial activity. This is followed by a prescription of Rationale products and in-clinic treatments customised to your unique skin condition and concerns. 

I went along to their Sydney Clinic and had the 60 minute consultation and i was surprised by the results. The UV damage was actually quite confronting, I do take care of my skin but as explained to me living in Australia our UV rays are so strong that the damage to our skin is done by the time we are 10 years old. On the surface you can't visibly see the any sun damage but over time untreated and as we age it will eventually surface.
 Getting onto a skin program that  treats  the underlying issues and starts the repair and renewal process is essential for luminous and youthful skin.

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