// Rae Morris, is one of the world’s most influential and sought-after makeup artists and number one bestselling beauty author

She has just released a  innovative, never-been-seen-before interactive makeup guide, in which Rae shares all the secret tips and tricks from her amazing twenty-five year career.

Rae celebrates the merging of the beauty industry with technology, creating a product that will undoubtedly revolutionise the way consumers embrace beauty. In a world-first, ‘Rae Morris Makeup Masterclass’ combines the comprehensive education offered in a traditional makeup book with the unique inspiration that can only be provided by her own expert video tutorial.

To create a ground-breaking model that puts users right in the makeup chair with Rae.

In addition to the interactive book, Rae also released the extraordinary ‘Rae Morris Makeup Masterclass Pocket Companion’, an iPhone-capable edition that allows the user to literally keep Rae in their pocket at all times. With short-form tutorials, Rae’s essential makeup kit and all video content included, this is the perfect go-to for quick makeup inspiration and the shopping companion every girl needs.

Rae Morris Makeup Masterclass’ ($19.99 RRP) and pocket companion ($5.99 RRP) are now available via iOS and Android on iTunes. To purchase a limited edition hardcover ($69.99 RRP) please visit www.raemorris.com.au. Web – www.raemorris.com Instagram – www.instagram.com/raemorrismakeup Facebook – www.facebook/raemorrismakeup Twitter – www.twitter.com/raemorrismakeup


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