// On Sunday night the 2016 Australian Hair Fashion Awards were held at Sydney's iconic Luna Park among the guests were some of the Industry's leaders and newcomers.

Now in it's 24th year, the AHFA’s present Australian hairstylists and makeup artists to the global stage. With the night underway, it appeared an award should've been presented to the production crew for the event. A massive LED wall was the backdrop for the stage, reinforced with eye grabbing video graphics and chest thumping sound.

The judges introduce themselves on the screen, from another country. An interesting fact: The AHFA's are judged by a panel of leading international experts in the U.K. This provides the finalists an almost anonymous profile to the judging panel giving a fair, balanced and unbiased winner. Only adding to the credibility of the awards.

Half way through the evening lights were dimmed, sound turned up and we were entertained by the amazing Bonnie Anderson. This set the mood for a runway show lead by Damien Rinaldo for L’Oreal Professional with Models wearing Zhivago.

Then to the business end of the evening, big awards, big applause and even bigger smiles backstage. BTL spoke exclusively with some of the winners backstage - They only left us feeling inspired by their infectious passions and love of their craft.

BTL will feature some of the AHFA winners on Behind the Look in coming weeks.


Digital Thump, Sydney