// Beauty Brushes
Story by Katrina Raftery

Using your imagination and experimenting with new tools can help put the love back into applying makeup when you feel like you are stuck in a rut. Its time to invest in four key makeup brushes.


THE FOUNDATION BRUSH - Apply your base fast and effectively with this unique semi-circle shape. Just like a piece of jigsaw, it fits comfortably into the hollows around the eye and nose areas. Using your wrist as a palette to mix shades, you will get the most out of this wide brush by starting your foundation application directly under the eyes, using clean outward movements. This allows the foundation to slightly set there while you apply coverage to the rest of the face and neck. Once you have finished your whole face, repeat your application under the eyes until you are happy with the level of coverage.

BTL recommends Becca Foundation Brush, Mac 260, Rae Morris 23 and 



THE POWDER BRUSH -  A full-headed puffy powder brush is designed to deposit pigment where the brush first makes contact with the skin. The perfectly cut bristles, shaped in a tapering contour, aid in blending. Not only is this brush a must for correcting shine on the T-zone-nose, chin and forehead-with matte powder, it will also help you achieve the sunniest of natural glows with loose or pressed powder bronzer. The pom-pom shape, made from natural fibers, works its magic in enhancing cheekbones by making a  C shape from your cheeks to your temples. Until you are very comfortable with taking the brush straight from your powder compact to your skin, swirl the chosen colour in the palm of your hand with circular movements. This helps work the pigment into the tapered bristles. Apply to your face with confident, sweeping movements.

BTL recommends Nars Its Brush , By Terry all over Brush and Rae Morris Deluxe Kabuki


By adding a small slanted brush to your beauty bag, you will be able to achieve two of this season's key looks. The often-underestimated slightly slanted angled brush is the perfect tool for adding a natural fade away taper to eyebrows. Layer brow powder on the brush and test the colour on your wrist, to create the correct depth of shade to suit you before applying. Clear Lip balm as well as hairspray applied to the angled brush will aid in flattening down your brows to create a perfectly groomed shape. Makeup artists also often use this type of brush with liquids to create the '60s-eye liner flick. The directional winged Amy Winehouse effect can also be created with practice and a steady hand.

BLT recommends Rae Morris 16, Laura Mercier Brow Brush, Mac 263


THE LIP BRUSH - To get the best out of your lip shape for day or evening makeup, lipstick is best applied with a lip brush. If you have a small lip shape and love wearing bright colours, opt for a brush with longer and narrower bristles. Fuller lips should go for shorter thicker bristles. Lip brushes work best if they are natural fibers. For applying lipstick, the golden rule is to always paint your lips into a clean canvas with foundation first shape your Cupid's bow first (the dip in your top lip), then start from one corner and work upward and outwards. Bring out the intensity of your lip colour by layering. Clean your brush often, and invest in are retractable lip brush that can be parked safely in its own garage to prevent soiling your makeup bag. Hygiene is important, but take care when replacing the lid on your brush, as bent bristles will make perfect application very difficult.

BTL recommends Bobbi Brown retractable lip, Becca Lip brush and Nars lip brush. 






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