// THREAD LIFTING  (Non Surgical Face)
According to the latest figures, demand for facial rejuvenation procedures has shot up during the past few years.

Thread Lifting involves the strategic placement of surgical threads that can mimic the effects of facelift surgery and re-contour flat cheeks without going under the knife.

Dr Neal Hamilton

Dr Neal Hamilton from Concept Cosmetic Medicine explains what's involved in this procedure.
The most common areas for this treatment are:
- Brows
- Cheekbones
- Cheeks
- Jowels
- Jawline
- Neck

PURPOSE: Treatment and Prevention of Sagging, Brows, Cheeks, Jawline, Neck.

Results: Excellent for candidate who doesn't have severe sagging. Prevents more sagging over time.

Cost: $1320-$5500 Every few years

Recovery: Usually Nil

CCM PREFERENCE - Silhouette Soft Threads
We use a combination of dissolving and permanent threads to provide beautiful refreshing facial contours without a "surgical look," hospitalisation or General Anaesthetic.

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