// Social media ran white hot when Samantha Jade revealed her new Bob but . .

We can tell you a secret - #OneNightBob


Thankfully Sammi had worked with wig extraordinaire Kylie Clarke on the INXS TV series and searched through her emails and found me her Info.

After contacting and sending through some images of colours we organised a wig fitting day after and came up with a few options. 

There was slight colour difference between Sammi's hair and the wig but I thought we could pull it off. 

I had pre prepared the wig by washing it with oribe shine shampoo and conditioner, it was freshly blow dried with ultra shine light to give it lots of shine to match Sammi's real hair. 

We wet her hair down entirely and I sectioned out 2 inches around her hairline and 3 inches through the hairline around her forehead. Sprayed root canal though that area and blow dried it into a big bouncy blowdry. 

The rest of the hair still being wet I covered it with Evo Gangsta Grip and also some Oribe Super Shine light so we were almost treating her hair for the evening. I then braided from the right hand side all the way to the left, as close and tight to the head as possible, then back to the right then the left all the way to the nape to finish. With the extra plaited hair I placed it to wherever the head shape needed extra padding to make it even throughout for the wig. 

Obviously the gangsta grip and the braid gives an amazing base for the pins to be attached into As well as getting rid of all the hair. 

Next I placed Kylie's wig over the top of the braid and secured it in the most important areas- the ears front and back, top of the head and the base of the neck right and back. 

As this was a full lace front wig it was a little baggy through the back so once it was secured I almost folded the wig and used fringe pins to make sure it wasn't going anywhere and was as close to get head as possible. 

Once the wig was perfectly in place I used dust through her real hair an inch out of the part and teased the base and brushed it all back so the wig wasn't visible at all. Then positioned it all in the perfect place and cut Sammi's own hair to match the wig through the sides, and cut the shape into the back. 

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Find and follow Jayde Turner-Ledwidge:

Finished with Oribe Dry Texturising Spray throughout and some R+Co badlands through the ends for even more texture!

Sami was certainly on-trend and owned her Faux bob. Sam fooled MOST of the media, and rightly so - It was flawless BUT we have our contacts. Well not just any contact, the actual creator of Samantha's show-stopping "one-night-only" bob, Jayde Turner-Ledwidge.

Jayde Turner-Ledwidge pulled off one of THE hottest Hollywood looks at the moment - a wig! Be aware you can't just use any wig though, it has to be the best and Kylie Clarke know their stuff.

There's a huge amount of trust between the client and hairdresser to do this look, it can go very wrong but, BTL thinks they couldn't have got it any better.

Here's the inside scoop with Jayde Turner-Ledwidge on how she created this look for Sami. 

For the Logies this year Sammi came to me with the references of her dress after her fitting with Lilian and Jules. The neck was super high and definitely a statement piece that required ultra modern and stylish hair. 

She whipped out a photo of Gigi Hadid with her most recent fake bob. I was shocked as we have been gradually cutting her hair shorter and shorter but this was seriously short. 


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