// I own a Dyson vacuum cleaner and until I purchased it I never really thought much of the brand, but after just one use I discovered they really sucked…. You know what I mean - It’s amazing!

Now Dyson not only sucks, it blows.

Since the introduction of the hugely successful and equally impressive air multiplying bladeless fan, I’ve been waiting for the tech-geeks at Dyson to reinvent our beloved hairdryer… and now they have.  

BTL was pleased to be invited by the Valonz team to attend the Sydney launch of the new “Supersonic” hairdryer. Renya Xydis gave her first-hand accounts of how Dyson is shaking up the virtually unchanged design of our daily tool of trade.

To know where we are heading into the future, it’s prudent to know the past and woman around the globe have been looking that much more glamourous since Frenchman, Alexandre Godefoy invented a gas powered hair drying “contraption” in 1890. This was basically an oversized shower cap attached to a stove. Although a quick search returned no figures on the safety record of Alexandre’s invention, I’m sure it would have been used with a high level of attention and a certain degree of fear.

Alexandre Godefoy - (The Great)

Alexandre Godefoy - (The Great)

None-the-less, Alexandre Godefoy - We salute you >>

Anyone with anything to do with hair knows the “portable electric hair dryer” is the greatest thing since sliced bread, which was invented in the same decade, the 1920’s. Now, in essence the design has stayed virtually the same…. Until now.

Whether intentional or not, the Dyson Supersonic shares the same aluminium casing as the very first handheld. They’ve done away with the wooden handle but this was probably used in the first place to reduce the chance of electrocution.

After listening to Dyson’s Head of Engineering on this project, Adriano Niro you soon get the picture there is more technological wizardry in this unit than most of us can get our heads around but, I left reassured the Dyson had absolutely no need for a wooden handle.

It’s Adriano’s job to get bogged down in the technology but we do know the Supersonic delivers even heat and air flow consistency, ergonomic (light) weight distribution (thank God) and everything else you could hope technology could bring you in a hair dryer - except a WiFi hotspot and Bluetooth connectivity…. But we’ll see what the next model brings.

// We don't like stock images so to see the Supersonic - You'll have to watch the video. ENJOY.

The evening at Valonz was informative without being a sales pitch, because it didn’t need to be. After a full “hands-on” test The Supersonic will sell itself….. If you have room left on your credit card.

They'll be available in Australian stores from July 2016 and will retail for AU$699.00.

Now, while I hear a collective gasp at the price I’ll say this. If the comfort of holding this unit at the end of your tired, overworked arms isn’t enough to justify the cost then the fact the Dyson Supersonic dries quicker, more efficiently and more effectively essentially cutting your blow drying time down by up to 50% should be enough to put off that extra pair of shoes (you might not reallly need) for month… or two.

Yes, it is that good. At the very least, you need to try one.

You can pre-order and buy them from DYSON ONLINE or from selected Myer and David Jones stores from July 10, 2016.


Digital Thump, Sydney