You must go to every event/party you see on Facebook and “network”. Complete CRAP!


// Renowned as one of the most influential makeup artists in the world, Rae Morris is not only a no.1 best-selling Author but also four times Australian Makeup Artist of the Year. She's collaborated with leading photographers working on editorial covers for elite magazines and directed the makeup for more than 100 shows for top fashion houses all over the world.

Inducted into multiple makeup halls of fame, spent 10 years as Makeup Director for L’Oreal Paris and in a world-first created and designed the only magnetic makeup brush range Rae Morris Brushes.

There's little doubt Rae Morris is one of Australia's finest exports in the world of makeup and BTL delves deep in this session of Behind the Artist with Rae.

Knowing Rae personally, she's one of the nicest people in the business and beyond generous with her time and knowledge.

It was great yo catch up and we hope you enjoy.

// Do you have a signature look or style that you are known for?
I think I’m all over the place, I love crazy strong conceptual to the no-makeup makeup, I do love things to look “Pretty” though, I love to always have a hint of femininity, well I hope I do!

// What was one of your biggest career challenges and how did you overcome it?
Writing makeup books and being dyslexic. So I now record everything and get someone to type it. Also my lack of confidence, I never thought I was any good and was always scared to push myself, so I did the complete opposite. I always said yes to those huge creative jobs I thought I couldn't do then spent the days prior not sleeping, stressing and practicing face after face.

So now I tell all my students if you're not confident, “Awesome! it will push you harder, and this industry is for you."

// Must have tool or products for your kit?
- L’Oreal telescopic mascara
My absolute n.1 fave mascara, I love the comb wand, as it gets every single lash root to end, and it’s the one I personally use every day.

- Cicalfate Restorative Skin Cream
Technologically advanced skin restorative cream clinically proven to help speed the recovery process by maintaining an optimal healing environment for the skin. Can be used to treat cuts, burns, cracked skin, diaper rash and other forms of skin discomfort. The clinically proven formula also improves the appearance of scarring. Suitable for infants, children and adults. Fragrance-free. Paraben-free.

- Rimmel London Waterproof Gel Eyeliner
I fell in love with this product when I first used it at the VAMFF trails, it's so intense and you get that play you need to perfect, and then once dried it doesn’t budge, it's my new favourite. And my makeup brushes. And here is why...

1. It Is The First Magnetic Brush Range WORLDWIDE!
The magnetic plate and brushes are the first in the world; all of the brushes have a magnetic base and can, therefore, stand upright freely on the also magnetic ‘Rae Plate'.

2. Cleanliness:
Since the brushes stand up on their own on the magnetic plate, they don’t contact each other OR your dirty countertop, so you don't have to worry about cross contamination. Also, the fact that the brushes are not dyed means you can use medical-grade disinfectant to clean them. If you are looking for the best way to clean the brushes, check out my video tutorial here for tips -

3. Video Tutorials:
Each and every piece in the RAE MORRIS MAGNETIC BRUSH RANGE comes with a detailed description and video tutorial on my website. So you will never use your makeup brushes wrong again!

4. You Can Find A Brush Set To Suit You:
I created and customized five different sets of brushes. From the Eye Brush Set, to Starter Kit. They are all varied collections, and depending on what you are looking for you can find a combination to suit your needs. And of course, they are all sold separately, so you can continue to grow your collection and include additional brushes to your magnetic Rae Plate. 

The softness and pointed shapes –
The Benefits - this will cut your blending time down by half.  As all square shaped eye brushes leave a hard edge that you then have to blend. With a pointed tip and super softness you can do half the strokes with blending to die for, they also create the perfect socket with minimum strokes. The softer the brush the less skin drag on your eyelids, which is a problem we face when we have a little extra skin or heavy eyelids.

// When working with a celebrity how much creative input do you have?
Sometimes I have 100% total control, and others I have none. Most celebrities I work with are already established so they have had their fair share of experiences when it comes to hair and makeup. They know what works and what doesn’t so sometimes it's about giving them their signature look, but also knowing Pat McGrath did there face yesterday, so I need to have my A game on. 

// What's the next big trend you're starting to see sneak in? 
Eyeliner, but not in the traditional way, I loved the use of all the liner shapes in the recent Chanel couture show.

If you take away the brow, or have a nude lip or the hair just taken away, it will be more beautiful and for me, he is so right. I think this always when I’m pushing the makeup.

// What advice would you give artists starting out? And what advice would you have given to your younger self-knowing what you know now?
Well I'll start with my best and worst advice I was ever given.

The best makeup artists knows when to put the brush DOWN!
Have one thing missing, and it'll be more beautiful!
 Eugene Souleiman told me that.
E.G. If you take away the brow, or have a nude lip or the hair just taken away, it will be more beautiful and for me, he is so right. I think this always when I’m pushing the makeup.

You must go to every event/party you see on Facebook and "network". Complete CRAP!

For up and coming artists my best advise is, instead of worrying how many Instagram followers you have, just become the best makeup artist you can be. Just make women look like they're about to walk the red carpet at the academy awards, because that kind of makeup is what “Vogue” and all the A grade celebs want and it will make you a super star. And to my younger self, re the “Fashion Industry” and how to handle difficult people. I would say, know that if someone is being super nasty, it's because “THEY” are not in a happy place. These people are important in your growth, they teach you about yourself. Are you able to stay calm, professional and have integrity as this is happening? (Me? well, not always but I try!).

Also respect the industry, there has been times at fashion week I’ve thought “seriously, it's just an eyeliner we are fighting over.

But to those design houses who spend millions and millions of dollars and the world waits and watches to see the next big thing, well they take everything seriously, I mean everything! Some fashion peeps have more to lose than I do, so I need to understand there is more at risk for some people. And you have to remind yourself "we are in the ‘Fashion industry'," so if you expect everyone to be nice and normal, um well you need a reality check.

To find the most creative people, you also find some of the craziest.

// Your Top 3 Instagram accounts?
Tashi Honnery, she has assisted me a few times and now is becoming a little super star. She is an incredible body painter; I think she will be the next super star.
I love Christians Child, I love his beauty work, it's always chic, modern clean and super cool
And I’m obsessed with architecture so I follow at least 100 of these on Instagram; one of my faves is “Dezeen

// Your ultimate dinner party guests?
- My Husband.
- Ricky Gervais (I just love him).
And my best and closest friends.

// What do you enjoy to do when the brushes are down?
Not much, I have a hypo little 2 year old that takes up every spare minute I have, I'd love to say I have lots of sleep-ins, but those days are over at the moment.



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