Natalie Anne and Bixie Colour have joined forces to deliver educational workshops for training in the dark art of "BALAYAGE" followed by the "PERFECT FINISH"

We've featured the amazing Sheree Knobel on Behind the Look before and the results speak for themselves. Natalie Anne's reputation in hair has her running hot on social media, then there's her funked-up salon and talented staff. Sheree and Natalie Anne presenting together make a powerhouse for information. You walk away with so much insider knowledge on the hottest colouring and styling trends, it feels criminal!


The all-day look and learn showcased 3 colour models with techniques such as free hand painting, micro foiling, face framing, zone toning, baby lights, root shadowing, and secret formulas for the perfect blonde.

Followed by the perfect finishing class with techniques such as curling, polish and texture, beach curls, volume made easy and tips on how to take a perfect image for social media.

"BALAYER" (French) literally meaning ‘to sweep’. In the 1970's the term "BALAYAGE" was coined for the application of colour to one's hair.

BTL sat in for part of the day to see what it's all about and we left impressed with the knowledge on offer. There's no holding back on industry secrets and you’re amongst friends, all in the industry.

Balayage is not easy and takes a lot of practice but get it right and, well the results are as impressive as the application.


Digital Thump, Sydney