// A Bag actually designed for hairdressers..
After watching staff in their business carry multiple bags Andrew Nitsou saw a gap in the market for a portable hair case which was compact yet functional enough to travel on location while protecting electrical equipment, store products, brushes and pin’s. Meet the Kofer Bag.

Kofer Bags, [kofer (or koffer) being Dutch for ‘bag’]have becoming a hot favourite for the freelance session stylist as it's spacious enough to store all your tools, equipment and styling products for a quick job around the corner and a full-day shoot interstate. It's foam insert is specifically molded to keep your tools secure while clear velcro plastic compartment inserts keep the loose stuff from becoming a sacrifice to the freelance hair and makeup Gods!

BTL loved these kits so much we needed to know more - We spoke with their creator about what motivated him to design the Kofer Bag.

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Where do you draw your inspiration from when coming up with these designs?  
My wife is a hairdresser, so she gives me a lot of feedback that would help her day to day!

Top 3 Instagram accounts?

What do you enjoy when away from the business?
Definitely going to the gym or going for a run, clears my head space!

What advice would you give artists or industry inspired designers starting out?
Listen to not only the people around you when getting feedback but approach people that would be your target audience and get their honest feedback, sometimes close friends will just say yes that looks great ect ect

Ultimate dinner party guests?
Any sports stars,  I'm a sports fanatic!

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How did you get your start in the Industry?
We have a family business (3 stores) and saw a gap in the market, staff needed a bag with many functions

What is the signature look or style that your Brand is  known for?
Our foam casing that holds all electrical equipment.

What was one of your biggest career challenges and how did you overcome it?
Fitting in all our ideas in one bag, we spoke to many leading hairdressers to get there opinion.

Who are the role models who have inspired you?
Definitely my parents, having the support no matter what you set out to do is the best thing one person can have

Is it only hairdressers using your bags?
Yes we have a lot of makeup artists using them at the moment, when we first designed the bag we were purely looking at the hairdressers market but the makeup artists have taken it on with a great response, we will definitely look at potentially make some design changes down the track!

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