// Balayage and Ombre are here to stay and understandably.

It's such a great colour trend, incredibly flattering and easy-to-maintain. No matter how dark or light you are.

Some of our favourite Celebs are rocking this look and Ash Croker from Valonz Salon takes us through one of her most recent clients to embrace this trend. 
Jessinta Cambpell.

What’s not to love I live and breath it. Colour has the ability to transform someone looks. I’m a very visual person and I found with colour hair is my canvas

// ASH: My inspiration for Jesinta’s colour was to create lightness but keep it looking natural. It was in preparation for the David Jones show. A combination of scattered baby lights and heavy free hand colour through the end. I like colours to organically wear into the hair do depending on what my clients hair comes in like determines what formulas I will choose. In Jesinta’s case we wanted to keep the tones creamy and milky so it would blend with her natural. This is a low maintenance colour, and is great to get done in preparation for summer.

On the flip side, muted lavenders and pinks are also a great colour choice. Ash recently showcased her Denim hair colour at this years hair expo.
Being a big fan of the pastel tones she also shares how to create this very on trend look for model Fernanda.

Fernanda's hair is naturally very dark it's a process into create the soft vibrant pastel hue. Fernanda travels a lot with work so depending on how long it's been since I've seen her depends how vibrant I make my formula. I have three pinks I choose from that I either layer up to create more dimension if it really faded. It's important to keep the condition perfect so regular Olaplex treatments are a must. Pink hair fades so Fernanda sometimes touches it up with a pigment semi while she is away.




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