Jen's natural nails were short for what she was working on at the time so we needed to enhance them to create length. We used a clear tip with a gel overlay for strength. I went with clear so you could see the colour through to the underside. Nails were then shaped into a long classic almond shape, Very elegant and old Hollywood. I then applied my first coat of coloUr, a neutral metallic gold to play off the gown. This is the colour you see underneath. Then applied two coats of a shimmery rose metallic as a contrast to the gown and Mary did the same subtly to the eyes. But this is JLo! we need BLING! lol.

I believe nails should finish off your look and not take over unless thats the desired goal :) Jen's jewellery was simple but massive white diamonds $$$ and I didn’t want to take away from that but still make the nails special. Then the idea came! FlipSide! I grabbed various sizes of Swarovski crystals and adhered them to the underside of the nails keeping them classic looking from the top but very special on the flip side. Kind of dual personality nails; ghetto but chic -lol perfect for waving goodby and blowing kisses.

When creating a look for Jen you have to be prepared for anything. Sometimes she knows exactly what she wants but mostly it's what direction she wants and counts on us (Glam) to bring her the latest and greatest in colour, styles, and trends… that's why we get the big bucks And then the collaborations begin.


// The VMA's are well behind us but the hype on Mario Dedivanovic's bronzed minimal makeup look for Kim Kardashian hasn't budged. It's a hot look and we love it, however as with many of our favourite red carpet moments, the devil is in the detail. And in this instance, it's in the Nails.

We look back on a look that sent the internet a buzz just like this weeks KK look.

JLO's Golden Globes on the Flipside Nails by Tom Bachik.

BTL loves this look Tom Bachik "nailed" for J-Lo. Tom let BTL in on the process of creating these red carpet looks bell-ringers.

A look I created for Jen that I love and has been very popular recently is one I call ‘Diamonds on the Flip Side’ .

We usually start with the gowns that get narrowed from racks to the final selections on the day of. As the process narrows I keep in close contact with her stylists - Rob and Mariel to get updated on the winners and then I can have a direction of colours I think will work best on the day of. Then Jen, Hair, Makeup, and Me (Nails) start talking about looks depending on which gown/s. Like her stylists I also work closely with Jens makeup artist Mary when choosing my color. It's always different as I may pull inspiration from what she’s doing on eyes or lips but as it relates to the gown. During all this we are also working with Lorenzo as he determines how the hair will work best with the look. Will it be up or down, back or in a pony, etc..

With this look we wanted the nails to be understated but deliberate. The gown was a lot so everything else needed to be more classic and simple yet deliberate and impactful. Easy enough. This idea is fun and cool and adds a bit of bling that works with any look. Most recently worn by Gigi Hadid for the Met Gala in NY and received a ton of media. This Look is something I came up with many years ago but reintroduced to Jen for the Golden globes. Her gown was neutral metallics adorned is shimmer and sparkle. Makeup would be sexy, smokey with a touch of rose shimmer for the eyes and a nude lip. Hair long and glamorous perfect for the red carpet. For me nails are the perfect accessory. They’re the exclamation point at the end of the sentence. Nails complete the look and can showcase a bit of personal style.

I believe nails should finish off your look and not take over unless thats the desired goal.


Digital Thump, Sydney