A person appears very well put together when they tend to the little details like nail care

// When talking beauty we tend to overlook nail care and the importance of having healthy nails and hands. The skin on our hands is one of the quickest ways to tell someone’s age, which is why you need to incorporate nail care into your beauty schedule.
L'oreal’s global nail designer Tom Bachik feature previously in  Behind the Artist
shares his thoughts with BTL. Tom is one of the best in the business and there's a reason why. Flawlessly creating amazing nail art for the world’s A listers, while understanding the importance of keeping the integrity of the natural nail intact. 

When Tom speaks we take note...

// TOM:
Many women today have over processed nails. We can recognised over processed nails when nails are brittle, peeling, or split. Nails will be dry, and look rough or dull.  

Nails can become over processed very easily. Over exposure to regular hand washing, household chemicals and the elements of our day to day routines  can remove important oils and moisture which can dehydrate and cause excessive wear.

The secret to beautiful nails is keeping them manicured, well hydrated, nourished and protected. An easy way to accomplish this at home is a great cuticle oil -I love L'Oreal's Age Perfect Facial oil. With 8 different essential oils it far exceeds other cuticle oils on the market. I recommend my clients apply nightly before bed to keep skin and nails soft, supple and hydrated. Yes it may be more expensive than normal cuticle oils… But you’re worth it!

I believe proper nail care shows good hygiene and grooming. A person  appears very well put together when they tend to the little details like nail care. A woman can be impeccably dressed and if her nails are not done it appears fake like she's playing dress up but if her nails are beautifully done she can be in sweats and trainers and she looks perfectly put together.

I also believe proper nail care includes skin care. The skin on our hands can be one of the easiest ways to see a person's age. When taking care of the nails I also recommend taking care of the cuticles and skin on the hands as well. Beautifully hydrated skin is very important to a perfect manicure. I like to use Revitalift triple action on hands to firm skin, hydrate, and help reduce fine lines and blemishes to even skin tone. It's like a facial for the hands, I always do that, and it can be done at home to get the perfect manicure and help your manicure last.


- Remove polish and gently push back cuticles.

- Use a washcloth and conditioner while in the bath or shower to push back cuticles while they are soft. Gently smooth and reduce cuticle while lightly exfoliating the surface of the nail with a fine grit sponge buffer. 

- I prefer exfoliating the cuticles to smooth them vs cutting

- If cuticles are over cut the body was sense this as trauma and grow cuticles back thicker for protection. Cleanse the nails to remove oils and contaminates using Isopropyl alcohol(rubbing alcohol 90% works best.
Don’t use polish removers for this step as most contain moisturisers that can block proper adhesion.

- Apply base coat , Separate base and top coats for best results.

- Apply two thin even coats of colour allow each coat to dry about a minute or so before applying the next coat. This will actually save major time in the overall drying.

- While polish is drying, Use an old eye or lip liner in remover to clean up around the cuticles(this will give you something to do in between coats and give you a perfect polish.

- Next apply a quick dry top coat.

- Lastly use a great cuticle oil to nourish nails and cuticles and keep hydrated to help prevent chipping and splitting. Using a cuticle oil nightly also keeps your polish hydrated   and reduces the brittleness that can cause chipping and peeling.



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