Beijing premiere hairstyle

First I middle parted her damp hair and applied Nexxus Diametress Volumizing System to build up foundation. With a round brush I blow-dried the hair to make smooth and create shine. Then I used 1-1/2 inch curling iron section by section. After, I let the hair cool down for 10 minutes and brushed down all the curls and finished with Paul Mitchell Hair Spray.

// As one of Australia's hottest exports Margot Robbie’s hair has never looked so good.

Every time she graces the red carpet she turns heads for all the right reasons.
Not afraid to to try new styles from a loose braided up-do’s to ultra-high ponytails and revealing that incredible lob at the 2015 Oscars.

Margot seamlessly transformed from blonde to brunette to redhead and back to blonde with perfect fluidity.

An artist's dream to unleash their creativity on, Renato Campora lived that enviable dream having been on tour with Margot for her recent media and red carpet events. Renato shares 2 of the looks he created exclusevly with BTL.

Margot Robbie London

On damp hair apply Marula Oil Rare Oil 3‑in‑1 Styling Cream to protect the hair and to create a foundation. Then I used a hairdryer with diffuser and gently I took a small section and wrapped around my finger, drying section by section creating a very natural curl.  Once this done I used a curling iron very lightly all over to finish up.




Digital Thump, Sydney