// BTL were invited to watch Sheree Knobel, owner of Bixie Colour weave her first client with the new Foil Me Foil pink pre cut foil named after the colour queen herself “The Knobel”. Within 24 hours of release the foils were sold out however they are now taking new orders.

If you're not familiar with the brand Foil Me Foil is based in Adelaide, South Australia, founded in 2014 by husband and wife team, Iliano and Emily Ciardiello who now stock to over 1000 salons worldwide.

Foil me Foils owner Emily Ciardiello spoke exclusively with BTL about her new product.

“I created a pastel pink foil, Grip Me - The Knobel, named after the celebrity hairdresser, Sheree Knobel, owner of Sydney's top salon, Bixie Colour because Sheree epitomises everything Foil Me's brand embodies - creativity, innovation, playfulness, integrity, kindness and authenticity. With the trademark pastel pink hair, she was the perfect match. I'm just so grateful and humbled that she said 'yes!' when I proposed the idea of a foil named after her! “


// We asked Sheree what she love's about the product:

"I love them because they are so easy to use."

"I came across Foil Me Foil years ago on Instagram and reached out to them. At the time I was freelancing and didn't have time to cut my own foil, so the convenience of pre-cut foil is what initially attracted me to the product. However, when I got to use them I loved how flexible the foil was and the grip it gave, especially when colouring my blondes was incredible. When Emily approached me to collaborate on the perfect shade of pink, I couldn't say no - It's just a great product."

"I do love all things Pink, I felt it was a little bit of fun, something different. Clients get that little extra wow factor when they see all the pink foils in their hair, it gives that added luxe."



Digital Thump, Sydney