// To say millennials have got it all figured out, we’d be lying. To say they’re actively changing the world without even realising it – we’d be definitely hitting the nail on the head.

Millennial influence
Whatever millennials touch, do or react on turns into a movement; it provokes a change and brings about a whole new spectrum of options we’ve never thought we’d have the possibility to consider. It doesn’t really matter if we’re talking about social movements, empowerment protests, beauty and fashion industry vagaries, education or other world-relevant subjects, Millennials will make sure they are heard and understood. The actions they are taking are either silent revolts against the previously set expectations or very loud insurgencies leading to Earth-shattering aftermaths. It is possibly safe to say that never before have we had such a unique and compact group of individuals focused on the same cause – to change everything they feel uncomfortable with, even if it means changing the world entirely.
Owing to millennial inclination to change and aptitude for action, these days - we’re actively talking (and taking action!) about equal pay for women, Planned Parenthood, stopping rape, more battered women’s shelters, etc. With such an attitude, we’re all participating in raising empowerment or rather helping women liberate through seemingly small but very effective tools. It’s invigorating!

The wisdom behind beauty empowerment
Just as previous generations have used beauty and fashion as a form of individual expression, turning even the dullest of choices into mini forms of character and emotion statements, millennials have continued using that form of expression and even managed to playfully bring it up a few notches up.

Apart from draining their sexual confidence from caring for their physical appearance through focused exercising, mindful dieting, cosmetic corrections and surgical procedures, millennials have been placing a massive emphasis on the importance of inner beauty as well, making holistic approaches to building inner-serenity more popular than ever before. From a millennial perspective, tranquility, confidence and the wholeness of being come with the merging of the two.

Beauty as a playground
When it comes to beauty products, millennials are a tough crowd. Burned by hyperbolic magazine reviews and stressful counter experiences, millennials appear to be harbouring a sense that very few opinions can be trusted, which made them build a very cautious method of shopping. To a modern millennial, testing of products is vital, which is why we’re witnessing an explosion of trial stations in virtually all beauty stores around. Their unapologetic demand for a quality product is almost palpable and we can’t say we don’t love the forwardness behind it.

Digital beauty and fashion fixations
Paradoxically, despite their obsession to ensure that the goods they are buying are of their advertised quality, millennials have been recently taking a bold risk by actively supporting online shopping. We’re assuming that the excitement behind the online-shopping risk comes with the thrill of the unexpected and a self-conviction that their already-refined beauty knowledge won’t ever fail them (which it probably won’t).
You’ll spot an eager millennial online shopper even from a kilometre away – they’ll be sipping cups of coffee-to-go while scrolling through their favourite beauty pages, shopping for fabulous Asap products and God-knows-what-clothing-brands on their tablets. Alternatively, they’re going through those same pages on their phones, while laid back in their living-room sofas, watching the latest episodes of Big Little Lies. To them – everything is a land of possibility, even when the possibility is tied to their corner couch. On the other hand, to a millennial – beauty is an adventure and a chance for colourful exploration. Millennials are evidently open to experimenting with beauty products, taking their looks from full glam to barely-there makeup ideas. Even more so, with a rather careless attitude towards “what must be done”, millennials are rebelling in their own way. Sure, their love for beauty products is evident but so is their spiteful nature to follow imposed trends. So, they are doing the next best thing (actively) – creating their own. Recently, we’ve spotted the #nomakeup hashtag on Instagram that’s popular among both beauty bloggers and followers of the group.

Millennial greenery
Loving everything that has to do with a prolonged lifespan, healthy eating and keeping your skin glowing with health, millennials have been successfully hyping not only organic food, but everything that has to do with organic living. Apart from their love for sustainable materials and organic plate choices, we’re witnessing the expansion of organic beauty products. Mineral makeup, organic hygiene products and other all-green beauty options are slowly (but steadily) taking over, educating us on the importance of a healthy lifestyle.



Digital Thump, Sydney