// It seems like only yesterday that we were waiting for the Academy Award red carpet looks, and just as we thought the award season was over, here comes the Met Gala. Some looks left us obsesses, while others left us unimpressed. However, with the abundance of celebrities, some got it right, and now it is time for us to snag some of that glam inspiration for ourselves. We may be mere mortals, but there always comes and occasion for us to shine like the brightest of stars, so let us dive into some of the best looks and see which ones are most worth copying, although we won’t try to replicate Rihanna’s look – some outfits are too extravagant for the lives of non-celebrities.



Although both black and white are safe choices, they are also the ones that leave little room for mistakes. The gals at the Met who opted for white did play it safe, but they also looked stunning. One of the chicest and most sophisticated white dress outfits was the one worn by Lily James. A simple strapless corset-style top with a bit of drama added by the full skirt to additionally accentuate the waist, the Downton Abbey beauty looked sophisticated and stunning, especially by placing the makeup focus on eyes, and wearing nothing but a simple yet effective black bow on the back. The deep side-part added to the sleekness of the look, and the best part – this hair and makeup can be copied with the greatest of ease. If you are looking for something amazing for your next important and classy event, (and want to show off that waist) this is definitely the cut to follow it. The perfect footwear for this minimalistic and chic outfit are simple open-toed high-heel sandals in black or white. And, the best part is that you can find these types of shoes online and you don’t even have to wear them with long dresses and couture-inspired gowns. They go with pretty much everything and you can style up any outfit with these.



There is absolutely no denying that Gigi Hadid looked like the sexiest piece of art at this year’s gala. Her dress was the perfect combination of sexy, elegant and avant-garde and it left everyone absolutely breathless. The secret behind a look that is both artistic and sexy lies in asymmetry and mixture of different fabrics, and as a supermodel, (and designer), Hadid surely knows how to experiment without the chance of failure. Of course, there are very few shoes out there that have the same va-va-voom effect as black stilettos, and her up-do with a long fringe covering half her face not only complements the asymmetry of the dress, but also adds to the overall sexiness while adding a touch of mystery to the face. If you have an artistic side, and are not afraid to play with cuts and fabrics, this is definitely a look that you should bookmark and use as inspiration for your own version of the Met Gala.



One can never go wrong when relying on Old Hollywood glamour for inspiration, and it is safe to say that Emma Roberts nailed it. The gown featured a fitted red bodice which was adorned with sultry red lace and a subtle touch of cleavage, just to tease, but still keep the look sophisticated and elegant, with the long train adding an extra level of stunning-ness. She did shake things up with a pink fur wrap that completely stole the show, while keeping her hair natural looking, with strands falling down her back. This look shows that you can absolutely not go wrong with a classic body-hugging gown, and of course, that red never goes out of style.



One of the boldest and most colourful looks (aside from Rihanna’s) was one worn at the gala by Zendaya. The singer turned heads as she stepped onto the stairs of the Metropolitan Museum in an off-the-shoulder, whimsical parrot print Dolce & Gabbana dress. This look is absolutely the epitome of ‘go big or go home’. Zendaya obviously went for door number one, as her big dress was followed by attention-grabbing larger than life curls. Definitely a bold look, and a great source of inspiration for those who love patterns and bright colours, but also encouragement for those who always wished they had played with different colours but were always unsure if they could pull it off. Don’t be afraid, embrace life (and fashion) in all its colourful glory.

Story by Mia Taylor
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