Following up on our previous stories, How our skin changes as we age. 
We take at look at skin in our 50's and what we can do to preserve the quality of our skin.

"Thanks to Rationale's Richard Parker for the insight."

From our fifties onwards, our primary concern is on skin sagging and moisture depletion. Sagging itself is a symptom of the loss of collagen and elastin, as well as a weakening of facial muscles. But help is at hand with active skincare formulas enhanced with skin identical ceramides and lipids, essential fatty acids, plus pro-moisture peptides which help to increase collagen synthesis while preserving and increasing crucial skin hydration.


Boost your Barrier

Strengthen your skin's barrier daily with immunity-boosting Vitamin B3 (Rationale Immunologist Serum) plus powerful antioxidants which defend against the free radicals that attack your skin's collagen and elastin network Rationale Super Antioxidant Serum. Finish with nourishing SPF protection, as up to 80% of skin ageing and damage comes from the sun Rationale PhotoDynamic Day Cream SPF15 and Rationale B3-T SPF50+


Clean   with Oils

Thorough removal of sunscreen is essential to maximise the absorption of rejuvenating night time actives. New generation sunscreens are extremely lipophilic (attracted to oil), making them tenacious and long wearing. Incorporate an oil based cleanser into your routine for perfect purification and intensive moisture (Rationale ProCeramide Pre-Cleanse Oil and Rationale ProCeramide Cleanser)

Reacidify skin pH

pH is a vital component of skin health. Directly influenced by the sun and age, your skin’s acidity or alkalinity is the difference between a glowing complexion or one marked by pigmentation, wrinkles, sensitivity and chronic dryness. Hydroxy Acids applied nightly and combined with pH rebalancing treatments can help to reactivate healthy skin enzymes and proteins, reversing sun-pH damage (Rationale Catalyst Serum and Rationale Catalyst GelCreme).

Double your DNA repair

Repair and strengthen your skin from the inside out! Skin cells use Vitamin A and DNA Repair Enzymes to repair daily sun and DNA damage. Support these processes with nourishing formulas that work synergistically to reverse sun damage and deliver optimal overnight rejuvenation, hydration and repair (Rationale DNA Serum and Rationale DNA Night Cream).


Ceramides are essential for keeping your skin hydrated. When our ceramide levels are healthy, skin looks and feels smooth, soft and hydrated. Replenish your skin daily with Ceramides, super hydrating Peptides and Essential Fatty Acid-rich Starflower Oil to support your skin’s natural cleansing, hydration and barrier fortifying functions every day (Rationale HydraVitale Ultracreme).

Targeted eye care

A dedicated eye care regime is essential. To plump shadowy hollows, choose a formula containing Retinol, Hyaluronic Acid and Antioxidants (Rationale Eye Specialist). For puffiness and dark circles, a nourishing eye cream containing skin firming peptides and microcirculatory actives is key - and SPF is essential (Rationale Eye Specialist DAY SPF15)




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