// Rae Morris is an undeniable talent and industry leader when it comes to beauty. Not only is she widely celebrated as one Australia’s most influential Makeup Artists. But she is well known around the globe for her work, having been inducted into countless halls of fame. Getting some of the biggest celebrities and models ready to put their best face forward including Sarah Jessica Parker, Miranda Kerr, and Doutzen Kroes.

Having written six books starting with ‘Makeup, The Ultimate Guide’ in 2008 and her most recent being ‘Makeup Masterclass’, she is the go-to girl for professionals and makeup enthusiast’s alike. Rae’s books all have a similar format and are an easy read. With each look broken down into a step-by-step guide, making them stress-free and simple to follow. With unparalleled attention to detail and the clear and concise instructions, it’s like having her right there with you.

Naturally, the same is true of her new much anticipated professional brush range, Jishaku. Every last detail carefully thought out. From the manufacture of these masterfully handcrafted brushes to the video tutorials made purposely for each piece in the collection.

The over-all look and feel of the brushes are sleek and functional. The tips are soft and rounded, so blending is effortless. Making them easy to use no matter your level of experience. Made in Kumano of Hiroshima, Japan, home to the world’s best brush makers.

To really appreciate the sheer magnificence of these tools of the trade, we have to delve into and understand the history of brush making. Kumano, Japan, has a long past in brush making. Their skills in making beautiful brushes for writing are highly regarded worldwide. From humble beginnings, local farmers selling calligraphy brushes they had brought back from travels to larger towns following the end of the rice harvest.

Eventually, they started to produce them locally, and that was the start of Kumano brush making history. Recognised as a traditional craft of Japan, they then began to utilised their brush making skills for other types of brushes such as makeup brushes. To keep this title of a traditional craft, there are strict traditional methods and techniques of manufacture to be followed. The brushes have naturally uneven soft tips that are delicate and a produce flawless natural finish.

‘These brushes are so light, you can actually feel the skin as you use the brush!’
— Rae Morris.

The Jishaku brushes have hard maple handles that make them lightweight to use. With a magnetic base, exclusive to Rae Morris’ Jishaku brushes. This means you can stand them upright. They’ll stick to anything a regular magnet would stick to, or you can use the ‘Rae Plate’ from the range. Great for hanging them upside-down to air dry after cleaning them. With 34 Brushes and hair that varies, there is literally a brush for everything. And as if that’s not enough, you can put your conscience at ease because these babies are cruelty-free.



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