// As any Dermatologist will tell you, we look the age of our cumulative sun exposure – and to a lesser extent, our diet, lifestyle and genetic makeup. Fortunately it’s never too late to start reversing and repairing some of this damage, while future-proofing your skin against the preventable signs of ageing.

Start with Sun Protection
Sun exposure damages our skin’s supportive collagen and elastin fibres, and over time causes our complexion to become dull, discoloured, rough and wrinkled, with an increased risk of skin cancer. So a high SPF sunscreen that protects your skin from UV, InfraRed AND Visible Light is essential. You can also strengthen your skin’s solar resilience with daily skincare formulas featuring immune-boosting Niacinamide (Vitamin B3), antioxidant Vitamins, plus solar protective Zinc and Melanin – the skin’s own sources of sun protection.

Cleanse Gently
At night, thorough removal of sunscreen is essential to maintain skin health and maximise the absorption of rejuvenating night time actives. New generation sunscreens are extremely lipophilic (attracted to oil), making them tenacious and long wearing on our skin. Foaming detergent based cleansers are not the solution, as they can damage the skin’s protective lipid barrier, inviting dryness and sensitivity. Instead, incorporate an oil-based pre-cleanse formula into your routine. As like attracts like, an oil-based formula will bind to sunscreen, make-up and oily impurities on the skin’s surface. Follow with your regular gentle cleanser for the perfect, nourishing clean.

Maintain Skin Acidity
Directly influenced by the sun and your choice of skincare, your skin’s acidity or alkalinity is the difference between a glowing complexion and one marked by pigmentation, wrinkles, sensitivity and chronic dryness. With sun exposure and age, our skin becomes increasingly alkaline. Hydroxy Acids applied nightly help to reactivate healthy skin enzymes and proteins, reversing sun-pH damage.

Rejuvenate With Retinol
When it comes to anti-ageing, there’s one tried and true skincare active that Dermatologists all agree on. Vitamin A is the ultimate anti-ageing ingredient! Vitamin A is responsible for the healthy texture and functioning of tissues and skin. It’s the only compound with the ability to reprogram skin cells. At the correct concentration and with the right delivery system, Vitamin A can visibly smooth out wrinkles, control breakouts, improve skin texture, reduce pigmentation and promote skin radiance and luminosity.

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